Copy-Proof QR

Security printing technology to help differentiate original or fake products
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What is Copy-Proof QR?

Specially designed PATENTED QR code technology which help tackling the fake products and goods

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Patented Technology with AI algorithms to detect small changes of printing that are hardly noticeable by naked eye.

Common Mobile Phones Supported

Users can use their normal phone to scan the QR with web based or custom app downloaded.

GPS Tracking

Every scanned QR will be tracked with GPS location to provide analysis for decision making and anti-counterfeit purpose.

Fake Alert

Any fake QR detected, will be reported thru our provided platform or send via email as notifications.

ERP System

A platform for viewing all transaction happened and keep track all the records.

Type of Copy-Proof QR


Unique QR design which applicable for small label or printing area.

Size: 6mm x 6mm

Super QR

Similar looks like normal QR but with the capability to differentiate original or fake.

Size: 10mm x 10mm

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