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MICROSEAL (Micro Real Object To Be Embedded Onto Labels)

microMicroseal provide identification, authentication and security solutions to companies and organizations worldwide. Microseal’s solutions address issues ranging from counterfeiting, diversion tracing to product liability/warranty concerns. An intelligent security concept is the prerequisite for effective authenticity and value protection. Microseal offer security marking solutions, allowing non-experts to quickly identify an original, while providing experts with legally binding proof of authenticity. Microseal develop solutions – tailored exactly to your security needs. We understand that unique companies and industries require a variety of custom solutions and delivery formats. Microseal will work with your organization to determine the best way to integrate the Microtaggant technology into your product or process.

Security label products:

(i) Tamper proof labels

Tamper proof labels are excellent for protecting warranties; They cannot be removed intact. Microseal’s tamper proof labels are embedded with custom made micro-markers and are counterfeit safe.

(ii) Self destructive labels

It cannot be removed in one piece. Once fixed to the product upon attempted removal the label breaks easily into pieces.

(iii) Transparent security label

This label is made of very thin film and it is almost invisible to the human eyes. It serves as an excellent solution to seamlessly integrate Microseal security features into customer products.


 colourNew optically variable pigments are designed for anti-counterfeiting and product-authentication. Because color-shifting effects are obvious to the unaided eye they are desirable for decorative and security applications. The benefit in security applications is twofold: the obvious color shift helps to detect and deter counterfeiting. That the color-shifting effects can only be reproduced through a highly sophisticated combination of technical and manufacturing wizardry offers an additional advantage for security.

Just turn the label around, we can easily identify the labels which is CLEAR (NO COLOR) and then change to LIGHT BLUE COLOR.


consOver the years,billion are lost due to imitation.We are introducing our product name called Conductive Ink. The use of the conductive ink is,it can be verify by a device.The green light means genuine and the red light mean fake. It can also be used by the blind people to verify the product their buying is genuine or non-genuine because the device will generate different sound for genuine or


opOptically variable inks or OVI contains tiny flakes of special film which changes color as the viewing angle is varied. The result is an ink which has this same optical property, changing color as the viewing angle is varied. It is widely used in bank note printing and offer excellent protection against all counterfeiting methods.